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Gathered a large number of companies to develop professional and technical personnel, we are committed to the production process of exploration and innovation.Class production technology and technical equipment, first-class management.Strict quality inspection system to meet market health and safety, environmental protection concepts needs.Continuously expand the usefulness of products, environmental protection, functional design.

Focus on quality production, strict quality control. In the fierce market competition in an invincible position, long-term access to consumer confidence, which is the fundamental long-term development. Choice of quality "hacker" brand, and "hacker" long-term win-win cooperation, we will your needs, devotion: to your goals. Full will be to go!

Select the right, it is a manifestation of your wisdom, once you have, do not want nothing. For their own it is correct. We will constantly improve the customer demand, perfect. It is valued customers to enjoy the wealth and honor when we carefully prepared for you a number of exclusive, priority, preferential service, to allow you to enjoy the one-upmanship of the VIP experience. It has a mass of training materials, synchronized to share with you and grow together.

Ten years of research and development, production and sales experience repellent industry, we continue to innovate with the times; enterprise "hacker" brand for all products through the SETC and pesticide production sector certification for the national A-class products.

The rapid development of "quality and business coexist, credibility with users with the products with international standards" approach know, become SETC Ministry of sentinel production enterprises, and become China Commodity Industry Association members, family health insecticide products professional member of China quality Inspection Association, strength molded quality.

Acting is not just "hackers" brand products, more of a "hacker" brand franchise area.  

In your area we will resolutely safeguard the interests of your intention to create a regional market only an agent, reasonable standard layout of the market, with agents headed to the principle of home advantage.

According to the competitive situation of the market and to develop product trial production needs, we will have a series of market support and cooperate with businesses to carry out product marketing and sales, including: business marketing, promotional activities, promotional orders, promotional items, advertising and other policies for businesses to establish a market advantage.



        Zhejiang Lanjian Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is located in China's largest distribution center for small commodities, Yiwu City, is a professional manufacturer of electric mosquito coils, electric mosquito coils, electric mosquito liquid, mosquito coils, aerosol insecticide based enterprises, which the company produced electric mosquito coils, electric mosquito liquid products in Zhejiang Habitat similar products first. The company registered the "hacker" brand mosquito brand, is one of the industry at home and abroad in the most development potential mosquito brand...... 

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